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Do You Struggle With Wanting To Make an Income & Be Present In Your Kids Lives?

✓ Hustling all hours with few/no clients?
✓ Stuck on your laptop/phone for HOURS with nothing to show?
✓ Overwhelmed & Exhausted?
✓ Consuming ALL the “info” but still making pennies?
✓ Losing sleep at night because you NEED to make “this” happen?
✓ Tired of wondering if you made the right decision to start a business?
I can help you start, run, and scale your business WHILE being present in your kids' lives. Your first step is to check out my 7 day free workshop.

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My 2 month coaching session with Lauren was an eye-opening experience for me. I started with one idea to grow my MLM and halfway decided to take a completely different path and start my own business. She supported me at every turn, and on the days when I was not sure I was cut out to do this and gave me the courage to make my own path. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a coach who gets them, who understands the mom life, and knows how to make a business work around mom life to work with Lauren. You won’t be disappointed.

Stephanie Bates-Mendoca

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My anxiety and temper was at maximum threshold and I wondered how would I keep it up and stay motivated. I tell you all this because after my first session with Lauren I knew the solution and so did my family-I needed a coach! As we began working together my chaotic thoughts slowly became definable ideas and by the end complete packages. I went from hamster work (spinning on a wheel) to productive, organized tasks, lists, and plans.  I chose Lauren because I was confident she could help me make money and I was right. I had my 1st $5K month just two weeks after my coaching was complete, but, even more, valuable to me is the joy she helped me find in business and life.”

Melisa Gage

Lauren, I'm Stressed Out But KNOW I Am Meant To Be a Mompreneur, HELP ME!

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