Let me Guess… This sounds like you? 

  • You are desperate to sell out your products or services, maybe even reach that coveted six-figure year, but you don’t want your business to overrun your life.
  • You feel like the only way people make money online is by being a giant sleezeball and promoting ALLLLL the time and constantly oversharing the “I made a BAZILLION dollars, look at me I’m so fancy” kind of stuff. 
  • You’ve tried “all the tricks/courses/masterminds/downloads/freebies” but you only end up feeling more burnt out, confused, backward, and just as broke as when you started. 
  • You feel like your offer is too expensive, not expensive enough, not sure if people want it, confused about why no one is buying it, and tired of the constant circle. 
  • Someone asks you what you do and you stumble trying to tell them what you do and how you help.
  • You are tired of your side hustle being your little gig and want to turn it into something that gives you a full-time income with part-time hours. 
  • You want to finally feel confident in the business you’ve created with your whole heart and soul, but you just keep doubting the process or if it will ever work.

Ready to DIVE into your potential 🤔

Shoot me a message with the word "CLIENTS" and let's get started!

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"I’d recommend this type of coaching with Lauren without hesitation. Lauren was helpful, attentive, and to the point. The best thing I liked about it was it was very specific to me - she listened to where I am in my business and it wasn’t generic suggestions. Also, action-oriented!"




"Lauren was amazing to work with. I went into the coaching really skeptical of what she could actually do for my network marketing business, but I am so glad I invested in her coaching. After five days I left with an arsenal of new ideas and a new passion for my business. I am really excited to move forward with a more clear vision of what the future holds for my business, and I will be working with Lauren again as soon as I can!"


MLM Owner

"Lauren is amazing to work with! She is very responsive, gives you a plan of action, treats your business like it's one of a kind, and helped me stay focused throughout the process! I highly recommend working with Lauren and will continue to refer her! Thanks, Lauren, it was a pleasure! <3"


Mom Coach

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if…

  • You could define EXACTLY what success looks like for YOU and your life (here’s a secret… success means something different to EVERYONE)
  • You were selling out your offers every single month no matter what your mom life schedule looked like, no more freaking out and trying to hustle to find your next sale each week and month.
  • You realized that selling doesn’t have to be scary, hard, or something to dread. Rather, it was a way to share your brilliance with those who are desperately in need of your help, support, services, products, and knowledge. 
  • You could shift your mindset from “everything I’m doing is a dumpster fire and I’m drowning” to “I’ve 100% got this and this is actually easy and fun!”
  • You had a community of Mompreneurs, just like you, that you could learn from, lean on, and get support from along your journey. 

and most AMAZING of all….

  • You were running your very own WILDLY successful business mompreneur business AND were able to be an AMAZING mom and spouse without stressing about “all” the things! (YES, in your business you CAN have money, success, respect, and still be the most amazing mom and spouse.)

"Lauren, I'm READY to get started!!!!"

Well send me a message with the word "CLIENTS" and let's get started!

Shoot Me A Message

"Working with Lauren was an absolute delight! She was very responsive in answering any questions I had, gave me excellent suggestions, and amazing edits! I enjoyed every second of working with her and it was SO worth the investment. Thank you Lauren!"

- Amanda

Web Designer

"You can tell Lauren genuinely loves what she does by how thoughtful and thorough she is in her coaching. I went from being completely confused about how to reach my ideal client to having a very specific action plan. I loved the consistent support and check-ins that she provided throughout the 3 month process. If you are looking for a down to earth , kick ass business coach that will give you a customized plan to run and scale your business, she's your girl."

- Brittany

Rapid Transformation Therapist

"My experience with Lauren was a divine appointment! Completely eye-opening and necessary. I love how Lauren did not really sugar coat what needed to be said regarding the issues she spotted and holes in my online presence as a whole. I know exactly how to move forward in patching all the holes to build a solid foundation." 

- Alivia

AI Innovative Products

We are a good fit if…

  •  You ACTUALLY CARE about your business and are committed to giving your business, products, services, etc. the attention they deserve so that you can provide excellent service to your clients 
  •  You are DEDICATED to ensuring your clients see results. 
  •  You aren’t interested in being FAKE (you are only interested in showing up as yourself because you know yourself is the most amazing person you can be!)
  •  You want to work with someone who gets what it’s like to be a MOM, mompreneur, and the stress that comes along with that combo.  
  •  You want to work with someone who will encourage you to take care of yourself, your kids, your family, your mindset, protect your time, WHILE still making an incredible income.
  •  You want high-level 1:1 support over the next 90 days while you create a solid business foundation, repetitive sales, a sales approach you are 100% behind (“hey girl hey I wanted to see if you were interested in…” won’t ever be part of your business), and most importantly create a business you love, want to show up for, and can run for you while you enjoy your life.  

"Ok, I'm READY, Let's Do This!"

Just send me a message with the word "CLIENTS" and let's get started!

Shoot Me A Message

"Lauren has been great to work with and look forward to continuing to work with her. She has opened my eyes to the possibilities of taking my business to the next level. She is so encouraging even when my content stinks and she make lots of changes to it to make it sound so much better. She is very organized to keep us on a plan of action."

- Jamie


"My coaching session with Lauren was beyond what I had hoped. I was able to fill in the gaps and create an amazing business and coaching program. Lauren gave me the confidence to continue to build. She taught me the tools to be as successful as I want to be. She helped me work through all of my goals one at a time and in the right order. I would recommend her in a heartbeat and will be working with her again soon to move on to the next level."

- Alex

Confidence Coach

"Working with Lauren has been a great experience. It has helped me see what parts were missing in my business and helped me gain more confidence. My next goal is to get a chance to make this kind of investment again to grow even more."

- Dominique


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