3 Reasons Why You Can't Rely On Social Media For Your Business

You CAN’T rely on social media owned by others for your business. I was preparing for a launch. I was very excited about this launch. I poured my heart and soul into what I was going to share. I put together my emails, my posts, my live training content, my workshop, and then …. BAM.  I got a message from Facebook that said I couldn’t post in groups for an entire week *eye roll*. Below we’ll cover 3 Reasons Why You Can't Rely On Social Media For Your Business.

Let’s face it, checking and using social media has become second nature for us every single day.  It’s the go-to place to share and advertise your business for many in the business world. Many people get/got their start on the most popular social media sites; Facebook, IG, Pinterest. Eventually, those business owners have grown to their own websites which becomes exceedingly important.  

 What would happen to your business if you saw this? 


It can be terrifying for many to see this warning sign. Maybe it means you couldn’t share your business. It might mean a week's worth of money lost. Can you go a week without pay because you’re blocked from your Facebook account?   

Do you remember April of 2019?  The day Facebook and IG were down for nearly three hours? There was panic among so many people fearing they would lose all they’d worked towards.  No one could do a live stream, you couldn’t engage with customers/potential customers, you couldn’t post your promotions.  

3 Reasons Why You Can't Rely On Social Media For Your Business

  1. Websites crash/lock you out – While social media can be an effective way to market your business it shouldn’t be your sole source of contact with your audience. If one day you wake up and you no longer could use Facebook, IG, Pinterest, etc., what would you do?  How would you communicate with your customers/potential audience? Do you have a way to reach out to your audience to let them know what you have going on if you can’t use a social media platform? 
  2. You can’t be specific with your SEO-  The trouble with free social media platforms is that we don’t know what will cause Google to detect your post.  Google barely shares content from any social media site.  Plus social media posts are only visible to your audience if they are intentionally looking for your content.  There are times when a platform will boost your content for XYZ reason. But that’s a magical process that changes every day. 
  3. Algorithms are ever-changing- One week you should be sharing live videos because that’s what the algorithms recognize. But the very next week live videos are being buried and plain text photos are being promoted.  The week following they want you to only share text.  This can be an exhausting process to keep up with, not to mention it makes content planning difficult. While there are algorithms to follow to get to the top of Google, they are far more straightforward and less frequently changing. 

Now, I’m certainly not saying it’s time to throw in the towel on using social media for your business.  It certainly can still be a useful asset for business growth. That being said you don’t own the platforms or have any control on who is seeing your content.  Should you wake up tomorrow and need to share with your audience you need to have an alternative plan. 

If you want to run a sustainable business you must have ways to communicate with your audience that can’t magically disappear on you, or lock you out. Drive traffic from your social media platforms to your own website, e-mail list, and live training on your website. You simply want to have a plan in place to take away the risk of scrambling should your social media platform not be an option. 

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