Get Your Perfect Clients Easily

“How do I get clients”  something I hear, honestly, every single day. Whether I'm on a strategy call with someone or if I’m responding to a question in my group #MommiesOnAMission.  Each day someone wants to know how to get more clients for their business. Today I want to share with you my top six steps to help you Get Your Perfect Clients Easily.

1. Stand Out Online

Branding yourself and your business is crucial in the standing out online arena.  You need to be crystal clear on what it is you want and how you want to be visible. Truthfully, this is the first step in the entire entrepreneurial journey. 

  • Who are you?
  • Who do you help?
  • How do you help your ideal client?
  • What do you offer?

Your first step to attracting your ideal clients easily will be to spend some time truly outlining the answers to those particular questions. Before you post your first piece of content, your first request for someone to buy something, before inviting “them” to your world, figure out what that world involves

2. Specific and Clear Content 

When you begin putting yourself out there you want to be sure that you are clearly asking for what it is you want. You need to be specific in who it is you want people to see you as.  This is where your branding message comes into play. In step one you figured out who your ideal client was, not you want to speak directly to them. If you can’t convey your message in a clear and organized way people will be confused and simply scroll past. You must clearly showcase your offers and your value in a way that can be easily understood and accepted. 

3. Provide Value 

Yes, this does mean helping people for free. Now, before you click away hear me out. Showing you’re willing to go above and beyond for your audience helps them see the value they will get from you when they do hire you. I don't simply mean respond to one question and then disappear unless they own up and invest. You and I both know the value of hiring someone to help. But when someone is just getting their feet wet they are usually timid. Especially if they just found you. Really dig deep and help them so they can see that you will be worth their investment! 

I speak from experience. Any one of my clients would easily say that I answered dozens of questions before they ever became a client. This isn’t me giving it “all” away for free. This is me building that rapport and solidifying an EASY transition from free to paying client. From experience, I've never run ads or been sales to “land” a sale. I show up and help and my ideal clients find that highly valuable. 

In order to book your ideal clients you’ll want to be sure that you are in a helping mindframe rather than a “pay me, I need money” mindframe. 

4. Create Systems That Attract Your Ideal Client

What I mean by creating systems is having funnels that attract your ideal people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started with a new client and they don’t have any systems set up in their businesses.  They are physically emailing out a product sold each time. When someone signs up for something they physically have to log on and email them back.  Honestly, I don’t understand who is teaching people that this is okay. 

You MUST have systems in your business so that you are not attached to your computer all day and night. That is not what the entrepreneurial journey is about momma! 

I help my clients set up systems that speak to their ideal clients so that there is never a missed connection opportunity. Having funnels is also an organic way to nurture the relationship you’ll have with your ideal clients. They get to know you, they get a taste for what it is you offer/teach, and there is no way for someone to fall through the cracks. 

If you don’t have systems in place now let’s chat about how to best attract your ideal clients → Book a FREE Strategy Call Today!

5. Pay Attention

Your ideal clients will tell you what they want to hear and don’t want to hear from you. When it comes to sharing your value and your time be sure that you are giving them what they want and need. That being said you also need to watch out for signs that someone may not be a good fit for you and your offer.  You can NOT help everyone, you should NOT help everyone.  There are some people who simply won't be a good fit for you, and that’s ok. 

You’ll want to keep an eye out for signs that someone may not be the best fit for you and your business. Some signs to be aware of:

-They only ever sign up for your freebie but never invest

-They show up always asking for free advice but at the first offer they simply say they don’t need help

-They constantly drain your energy

Like I said above, you are not meant to work with everyone. This is a really hard thing to grasp when you’re first starting out because you want the paycheck. BUT set yourself up for success and recognize who isn’t a good fit for you. The less you speak and cater to those individuals the quicker you’ll attract the perfect clients. 

6. Ask For Referrals

This is such an easy step but often overlooked.  You work with a dream client, they have an amazing time, they see lots of results, and then you release them back into the wild world.  BUT before you release them, or their contract with you ends, ask them for a referral. Whether they are specifically handing you some names of people they think might be a good fit or they are sharing your name on their social media platforms be sure you are tapping into this source of potential new clients.

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