4 Tips To Engage Your Future Clients

 You’re sitting there wondering if anyone is seeing the things you post because you feel like engagement is so low right?  We ALL want a TON more engagement on our shares right? But here’s the thing. Engagement does not directly correlate to a client!  🤯 I know I know, you think you need 100 million eyes in order to sell your stuff right? But I want to show you the 4 Tips To Engage Your Future Clients and not just the “people” in the crowd. 

Before we dive into the 4 Tips To Engage Your Future Clients I want you to be sure you are thinking about THEM, your ideal client, when you share content. What do I mean?  I mean pretend like you invited your girlfriend over for coffee while you watch the kids play. Then I want you to think about all of the things you’ll achieve while you two are powwowing and destressing. Now that you have your ideal client in mind you need to figure out what kind of content they engage with.  

For me, my girlfriends and I LOVE watching short videos on stuff.  We don’t have time to read a novel so a quick how-to is best.  Now that you know what they will engage with, figure out where they hang out online and share the content they want. Once you know who they are, what they want, and where they hang out it’s time to create the engagement that turns them into clients! Now, it’s time, for the 4 Tips To Engage Your Future Clients.

1. Stick to ONE Platform

Above you figured out WHERE your future client is hanging out. Now it’s time that you invest your time on that platform. You might be freaking out because you were told you need to be on this platform or that platform and then this platform add ten right? 

Well if you’re on “all” of the platforms at once you’re not providing your HIGHEST quality content. Why, because there’s a BIG chance you’re stressed out having to be on ALL of the platforms, even if you don't openly admit you’re stressed out. 

When you focus all of your energy in ONE place you’ll find interacting with your future clients immensely easier. Ask your audience questions that warrant a reply. Be YOURSELF when you are interacting; people love you, not a person you think you should be. Figure out where your future clients are hanging out and then hang out there with them. 

2. Give HIGH VALUE Content! 

In the mom world, we have super short attention spans; I blame the tiny humans. That being said when we’re online we consume things that are quick or that can be saved for late. So when you’re sharing your content be sure it’s content they want to hear). If you’ve gotten here and you don’t know what they want simply ASK them; I promise they’ll tell you. 

Once you know what it is they want from you you’ll be able to share with them in a way that gets them to listen EVERY time you speak. In order to engage with your future clients you need to know what it is they want to hear from you.  Then you provide them a TON of high-value content that they’d asked for. Once you have their attention they’ll be excited about your offers when you put them out there! 

3. Go a Step Further

When someone comments on your post asking a question, take the time to respond to their specific comment. When someone feels as though you’ve taken the time to acknowledge them specifically they feel more important. Everyone likes to feel important and your future clients want to know that you see them differently than your previous clients.  Just like when you hit Starbucks for the thirtieth time this week, no judgments, and Bernice the barista remembers your drink; you feel special and recognized. 

This is what you want for your future clients. You want them to see that you’re paying attention to them and that their needs are important. I had a client who was constantly purchasing my small Content Creation offers in increments.  She would as for content creation help and we talked about how to increase her engagement for her particular business. One day I suggested she give my Content Is Cash Academy a try the next time she wanted to scale again.  She did and she absolutely saw massive shifts in her business and engagement from paying clients. Going that extra step, recommending that your person do this or that based on their questions can be very important to them.  

 4. Keep Previous Clients Engaged

A client has worked with you because they connect with you, they like you, they love your offers.  When that offer ends don’t simply let them go afloat in the ocean that is this business world.  Consider offering them something EXCLUSIVE to them as a past client.  This might be a private FB community with “VIP” exclusive content,  a VIP exclusive membership, an email tag only for VIP exclusive content, or maybe a special 1:1 call with you if they had invested XXX with you. 

Back to the go a step further point, we all like to feel as if we are part of an “exclusive club” now and again. For me, I LOVE taking care of my VIP clients. They know that I'm available for drop-in quick questions even outside our contract times. My VIPs and I are in frequent contact as I love seeing their businesses scale. VIPs come back again and again because they feel like they are cared for. Plus, when they feel cared for they are far more likely to recommend you to other future clients.

 Which of the 4 Tips To Engage Your Future Clients are you actively using right now?

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