5 Steps To Grow Your E-mail List

Growing your E-mail List… what does that mean??  

Well, the first thing you MUST understand is that your e-mail list is gold, the bread and butter, the 1st place prize to strive for in your business because it almost always translates to more money.  

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The goal of building your list is to add people who are your target audience so that you can communicate with those people regularly, share tips and tricks to simplify their life and their problems, and to share the paid solutions you have to offer them!

In the past month I have tripled my e-mail list 🤯 and I want to share with you some of the tips I used to make that happen!  Now, there is a TON of info on this topic but what i’m going to share has worked for me and many many many of my clients!

1. Focus on TWO platforms- So many people today get themselves on all social media platforms and share mediocre content because they are exhausting themselves.  It’s hard to keep up with all the platforms there are today, especially if you are currently a one man operation and posting on all platforms yourself.  When you decide you are ready to hire someone to help you with your social media then by all means branch out onto all platforms, but while you're building stick with two. Put all your effort into those two platforms, share great content, and grow your list without exhausting yourself. My main social media platforms are My Facebook Group #MommiesOnAMission and my YouTube Channel    

2. Share Consistently - Whatever platforms you choose to branch out on be sure that you are showing up on a regular basis and giving as much content as possible. I know, I know, its scary to give “everything” away for free.  I know that when I was first told to give away the gold for free I was like “ummm yea right, theres no way”. But the thing is people want to hear from you, they want info from you, and the more you give away the more quickly people will be jumping onto your email list and then BUY from you.  Providing great content allows people to trust you, rely on you, and be dying for your next bit of advice (i.e. sign up for your paid products).

3. Make Your Audience WANT To Sign Up- Offer an incentive for your audience to sign up. As we talked about half a second ago, people expect free stuff so make sure you are giving them what they want. Some free item ideas could be a video tutorial, PDF, e-book, worksheet, etc. You are literally trading free stuff of value for their email address which you will later use to nurture them, gain their trust, and offer them solutions to their struggles which in turn creates your income! If you are struggling with what to offer ask yourself what you would like to receive. Then ask yourself if that's something that your audience could benefit from. 

4. Ask For Shares- Plug yourself and your content on your platforms. It takes an extra minute once you're done with your content to add the link to your free offers, your other social media platform, your e-mail list, etc. This is the quickest way to get more eyes looking at your awesome content. The more traffic, the more signing up for your content, and the more wanting what you've got coming next. Don't be afraid to ask for shares!

5. Reach Out To Your List Often- It's fantastic that you have people coming to and signing up for your list but don't just collect their emails- TALK TO THEM! You need to build a relationship with your audience who has entrusted their email address with you. Send updates, share your social media updates, invite to events, recommend products for your audience, share wins, share fails, just share! The more you engage with your audience the more they will think of you when they need advice for their business needs. 

I firmly believe that engaging, providing value, and nurturing relationships with your audience is the #1 way to grow your business successfully. As I myself have built a million-dollar business on these concepts I’m here to tell you they work!  

BTW-  I've got MORE for you, here are 10 Simple Ways To Grow Your Email List


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