5 "Musts" To Get Clients NOW

Can I be brutally honest with you in this post?  If you want to get clients right away, like right NOW, you can’t simply wait for traffic to your website, share a few posts in your group, post in promo threads and sit back and wait. NOPE, you have to actually TALK TO PEOPLE.  I know, insane and ugggg right?  Don’t worry, we’re going to talk about 5 “MUSTS” To Get Clients NOW in the post below.  

But, before that I want you to know a few things.  When I landed my first client I didn’t have a fancy website. Actually I had a janky wix website and that’s legit all I could afford at the time.  My colors were not cohesive, because let’s be honest five years ago I was winging the branding thing. I was for sure posting regularly but I wouldn’t say many people were “following”.  BUT that didn’t stop me from bringing on four new clients in that “new” time frame.  

I know, it sounds crazy because there are SOOOOOO many people out there teaching you that you need a fancy website, with specific colors, and all this “stuff” before you can be making money.  BUT the fact is, there are only a few things you need to do when you’re just starting out to actually GET  Clients Now.  So let’s chat about the 5 “MUSTS” To Get Clients NOW.

1- Go out and find the people you want to work with. 

Yes, you have to go LOOKING for your ideal client.  I know that recently so many coaches out there are telling you how easy it is to “get clients”. They are saying “put yourself out there and they will come”. Yes, of course you need to be putting yourself out there so you can be seen, but what they aren’t showing you is the leg work they’ve done to “get noticed” by their ideal people.  So, go to Facebook groups, IG, , twitter chats, blog comment sections, etc. Then listen to how people are asking questions, share advice when you know the true answers, and genuinely help those who are in need.

2 – Create a solution for your ideal clients

You were listening and answering questions in groups and I would put money on the fact that from all the answering you did you heard a resounding theme in the problems. Put together a solution for that/those problems.  Use words that they used when they talked about their problem. Make sure that when you list the product/service you have put together you’re using the words they used to help clarify why they need to hire you. Using their words is also going to help them see why it is they need to buy your product or invest in your service.

3– Go back to those people you found in step 1 

You helped them out in the convos you started with them. You’ve provided them with immense value. You’ve, hopefully, kept in contact with them so that you could keep helping them along their journey. But now you have a new solution available for the problem you know they already have. Now you are able to be helpful in your offering rather than pushy or salesy. You can now let them know about your solution and how you can help them because you’ve built a rapport with them. 

4 – Don’t be afraid to promote your stuff to your network. 

The more you help and stand out for being helpful, people will start following and engaging with you more rapidly.  After all, people are attracted to those they find helpful. Not those they find pushy or sleepy. They’re following, they’re engaging, now let them know that you have a solution to their problem. This is also a time where you can share that you have spaces available for new clients.


Go offer your solutions when you find your ideal client with these problems. Collect testimonials, you can also ask those who you have worked with if they know others who they think could use your help. There is no shame in the referral game! Seriously, do NOT hesitate to ask your current and past clients for referrals.  This is a very overlooked practice, yet an easy way to gain new clients. 

By taking action and talking to people about what they need is going to be far more effective for you for getting clients than simply having a brand that matches your personality. All of those other things are important, but it’s building relationships in the right way that is going to get you hired!  Which of these 5 “MUSTS” To Get Clients NOW are you needing to implement right now?

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