Chunking Tasks For Productivity

I was listening to Darren Daily one day a few years ago and I realized, not only does his advice start my day off on the right foot but he always has these amazing words of wisdom that I start implementing in my business and waaaalaaaa magic happens!

When you are a stay-at-home mom, you literally need to use your time wisely in order to accomplish everything.  Chunking is the BEST way I have found to be able to work my business and my mom life seamlessly.  While I am constantly evaluating my days to be able to find more time in my day I like to use my time wisely so I’m not all over the page when I sit down to work. 

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So let me tell you what I’m talking about before you start to think I’m crazy lol. One of the main reasons I love “chunking” is because as a mom I only have windows of time here and there to get my work accomplished.  While I do have a LOT more flexibility in my schedule these days,, it was not always like that for me. I use to have MAYBE an hour or two a couple of days a week to get work done. 

 When you don’t have the ability to just sit down and knock out three-four-five hours of work to get your tasks accomplished you have to make the most of every second you have during your work time. Chunking not only helps you accomplish tasks in your business but it helps you move your progress forward.

What Exactly Is Chunking? ‚Äč

Chunking is taking your to-do list and breaking each project into smaller specific tasks (in chunks). While time blocking can help some mompreneurs, writing out tasks for each hour of the day works for entrepreneurs, I have found over the last 8 years in coaching mompreneurs that chunking tasks can be most effective.

 So for example, if you’re working on an 8-week course your breakdown might  look something like this: 

  • Determine course content
  • Record videos & Upload Videos
  • Write e-mails & add videos
  • Create a sales page
  • Upload all content to your scheduler & test launch
  • Promote

That list might not seem like a lot when you first look at it because it's just six small things right?  But when you break those tasks down even further you’ll see that you have quite a bit more to accomplish than you think. But don't worry, the biggest benefit of breaking things down even further means the BIG tasks become far more manageable and mommy life-sized tasks.

Let’s break the above list down further:

  • Create a content map so that you know where you are taking your customers
  • Organize the content into specific modules
  • Create headers for each module
  • Create the objectives & outcomes for each module
  • Create a banner for each module
  • Write out the video content notes for each module (at separate times)
  • Record each module video (at separate times)
  • Upload each video to your platform/drive
  • Write module notes to help your customers work through your videos 
  • Create any handouts that may go with your modules
  • Create Sales page content
  • Upload sales page content to your site
  • Create buy-now buttons
  • Write E-mails to help promote your new course
  • Write SM content to help promote your new course
  • Schedule all content to be posted on specific dates 

Breaking down the tasks into smaller tasks (chunks of work) helps you see how each step completion will get you closer to your end goal of completing your 8-week course.  Once you’ve really broken down your tasks you can then add them to your planner each week so that when you sit down to work you know exactly what you are working on each day. 

NOW- What do I do in each chunk of time that I work 

 Each day of the week you now have a set group of work that you can dive into.  Maybe you do a majority of your work on the weekends when you have extra hands to help you. You might work in the evenings after your household is sleeping.  There are many who work during nap times so that they can focus for a chunk of time.  

When I first started my business I would work on Saturdays to play catch up with my social media. Before I had help in my business I would sit down and schedule my social media posts, mainly my Facebook, for the week ahead.  Back then I also spent Sundays writing blogs and scheduling them for the week. At the time I was only writing 2 blogs at a time.  I would batch them so that I would free up time elsewhere in my schedule. Wednesdays I spend a “chunk” of time preparing for my live Wine Wednesday event in my #MommiesOnAMission Group. I don’t do Wine Wednesdays anymore (I know sad) but I do offer Free Coaching Fridays now instead. But the rest of the week, during my chunks of time, I spent sharing value and responding to my clients. 

Outlining chunks of work ensures that you keep moving forward in your business, allows you to hit your goals, and assures that your customers are always cared for.

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