Stand Out Online

Stand out online, to some, this seems impossible.  But here’s a secret…. It’s NOT impossible!! It simply takes you being authentic! So many people today are selling you content that is already created for you. They are selling you stock images with writing on them. They are selling you done-for-you packages with copy-and-paste weekly posts.  Here’s the problem with those, EVERYONE who purchases what you purchased can then share the exact same thing. How do you think that makes you look?

The answer is generic.  Your content looks generic if you are simply sharing exactly what someone else is sharing.  Pro Tip, don’t buy pre-made content! Content creation doesn’t have to be hard, you simply have to create it with authenticity.  If you struggle with content creation I have just the thing to help jump-start your content writing process. 

Because I believe so deeply in standing out online as yourself I want to share 4 ways that you can stand out online.

Stand out even when you feel like everyone else is sharing what you share!

1. Identify Your Audience

Who do you help?  What does your ideal client look like? What are their biggest problems?  It is even ok to identify who you DON’T want to work with! There is controversy over the last part; who don’t you want to work with? But let me tell you, there is great comfort in knowing upfront who you don’t mesh with.  You are NOT the perfect fit for everyone. Should you work with someone who isn’t a good fit it will put unnecessary stress on you and they typically won’t be all in or willing to do the work.

2. Determine your value

What are you sharing that will change your audience's life?  What can you offer that can set you apart from the others? If you are a chicken farmer the thing that might set you apart from others is that you teach your audience how to have the best survival rate among hatchlings.  No matter what business you’re in you have your own value to share.

3. Pick Your Content Topics

When it comes to sharing you will have certain things in your wheelhouse that you will pull from.  Back to the example of chicken farming. Maybe you are truly great at yielding a lot of hatchlings versus other farmers and you want to share your secrets. Four topics you could potentially cover might be:

    1. Heat lamps for hatchlings 
    2. Wired coups vs wood coups
    3. Elevated vs ground level coups
    4. Different types of feed for hatchlings 

I am not a chicken farmer, I truthfully don’t know the first thing about raising chickens.

But when it comes to creating high value content anything can be broken down simply. 

4. Post Original Content

Now that you know what it is you’re sharing about I want to say you MUST create and share original content.  It is easy to buy pre-made content, it’s only a few bucks and it might save you a ton of time. BUT, when you buy pre-made content and simply copy and paste it your audience isn’t hearing from you. They are hearing content that was created in someone else’s voice. 

How do you stand out online right now??

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