Managing a Business & Mommy Life

Time and time again I'm asked “How do you find time to run your business with a little running around”

Sometimes I just have to sit back and laugh because there are days I literally have zero ideas how I do it.  I’d love to say I sit down and knock out 8 hours of work in one sitting each day but that thought makes me laugh even more these days.

I’m a stay at home mom who homeschools her kiddo, volunteers HOURS at church, make all the family appointments, organizes homeschooling events, visits friends and family, grocery shops, makes meals, and so on and so on and so on.  Truthfully, I have an hour here, an hour there, and sometimes I have twenty minutes here and twenty minutes there where I can get my to-do list done.  Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I DO work for lengthy hours at a time because I have help with my kiddo some days, but largely it can be hit or miss if I’m not careful.    

So, my resounding answer for most of the time is truthfully, I run my business in twenty minute to an hour chunks of time.  Each morning before the kiddo wakes up I'm up and working a bit, during his independent school times Im working a bit, and after the kiddo goes to bed on the necessary times I am working a bit more. 

Being able to find time is just that, it’s about finding time in your day.  It’s about making adjustments to how you currently go about your day in order to make your dreams a reality.  You must find moments of unused time during your day and dedicate them to your business if you want to further yourself.  

I’ve been to a number of seminars in my time and the biggest take away I ever got that I apply to my business is what Roger Love called the 80/20 rule. At Brendon Burchards World Greatest Speaker event Roger Love explained how 80% of your results came from 20% of the work you put in.   

Being a mom means you have your head going in a million places at once throughout the day.  Whatever time you have during the day counts for something important.  What I can say is that not everything you do throughout your day is productive. I know right now it seems that everything you’re doing matters but I promise that when you really look at your day I can say with absolute certainty that you have time throughout your day that can be reallocated to working on your business.

If you're anything like me, which Im almost positive you are, you have insane amounts of dishes to do, you have toys to pick up, you have mounds and mounds and mounds of laundry to do, you chase your kids from here to there, maybe you run them to and from events, chat with friends, sneak time in for your other half and maybe, just maybe you get 20 seconds of quiet time for yourself.  Sound familiar? 


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 I know I know, NOTHING is more irritating than someone you don’t know telling you that you DO have more time in your day that you could turn into work time. The audacity!  But I promise when you map out your day and see how much time you spend doing tasks that aren’t absolutely necessary there is time in your day that you can spend working.  

Just reading all that you’re probably thinking “sooo how am I supposed to get to the 80/20 rule in my business”.  When I attended the conference I didn’t have the aforementioned kiddo so it was SUPER simple.  But NOW…. let's just say it takes adjusting too but when you find the harmony it’s truly smooth sailing as my hubby always says.  

You must learn to cut down on the things that don't matter throughout your day.  You learn to put the priority things first and leave all the fluff for later.  For me… in mom life… I had to learn to cut down on the dishes throughout the day (I simply didn't need to do them after every meal, once a day was fine), I didn’t need to pick up the toys after every single play session (once after the kiddo has gone to bed was enough), I stopped getting on the ooo so glorious Facebook 100 times a day, I set specific laundry days (and my family sticks to those days for the most part).

I do laundry on Thursdays and Sundays, I do a deep clean of the house on Sundays (bathrooms, floors, sheet changes, etc), on Saturdays I lay out my week of To-Do’s and get organized for the week ahead (work and personal life).  All the things that are necessary for a well balanced day get scheduled before I start adding anything extra to our days.  Plus, by scheduling your day you tend to free up more time throughout your day which can lead to more time to build your business.  

 At first, you may not find extra “hours” here or there. You might start out with simply twenty extra minutes here or there.  But you must remember that every little step counts towards the bigger picture.  


I HIGHLY encourage you to take a good long look at your week, then break it down to your individual days, I want you to start to identify areas where you can eliminate unnecessary activities in order to refocus on the bigger picture.  I want you to be able to take that BIG idea that you have been stewing on and turn it into something even BIGGER.  

BUT—You MUST remember. All of us mommas are busy busy busy.  You are just as busy as every other overly exhausted mom on this planet.  It’s simply a matter of how you choose to spend the time you have each day.  

Rather than saying “I just don’t have time” or “I’m just so busy” I want you to try to find just twenty minutes in your day where you can begin to cultivate some of your dreams.   


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