Planning and Organization

I have been getting a LOT of questions recently on how I stay organized and on task. First, let me be very honest, I have been in this business for 7 years and an online entrepreneur for 18 years now, so my business will most likely look vastly different than yours if you’re just starting out. BUT getting organized can be simple if you start planning your days and working from your to-do lists NOW! 

One of my biggest questions in the strategy calls I have with new or growing mompreneurs is “What does your business look like from day to day”.  Well the short answer is, it always looks different.  But the longer explanation looks more like: each month I sit down and I organize my planner so that I know what big work tasks need done or I have coming up, I add my calls, interviews, trainings, etc. that I’ve got so that nothing sneaks up and surprises me.  Then, and this is unconventional for typical entrepreneurs, but as a MOMpreneur I find it CRUCIAL, I add cleaning days, meal prep days, laundry days, any outside appointments, my other half’s work schedule, and homeschool activities days to my planner so that I have a BIG picture of what I’m working with. 

Why add personal things to my business weeks?  Because I’m a mom first and foremost! While I DO run a very successful coaching business I also want to be sure that my family life gets the attention it deserves. Too often I find Mompreneurs over extend themselves, especially early on, and then they find work too stressful, and what happens?  Work is the very first thing they stop doing because it’s too much to handle.  INSTEAD of letting yourself get overwhelmed adding in your life tasks with your work tasks, as a mompreneur, will help you achieve a better level of harmony each and every day. 

I want to make things UBUNDANTELY clear.  As a MOMpreneur you are a mom first and foremost.  As an Entrepreneur who is a mom, your business is important and your kids fit in when work days are over.  There is NOTHING wrong with either approach, but on this page you are going to find tips and business support for the MOMpreneur who is building a business AROUND her family life ;-) 

Alright, back to planning ;-)  now that you know my super dooper secret to my organization lol let's talk about how you can get organized too!

A planner is a NECESSITY for success.  You MUST be able to see into the somewhat distant future to know what you have coming up.  Flying by the seat of your pants simply doesn't work now that we are big kids, TRUST ME… IVE TRIED ;-) 

If you’re into paper planners I absolutely love Erin Condrens Life Planner

  (Yes the pictures are from years ago) 

There are dry-erase pages, pockets to keep your important items, and each life planner comes with appointment & blank stickers to be used for your important things. In the planner, I also LOVE that at the beginning of each month there is a fun and inspirational quote.

 I had a number of bound planners through the years but nothing kept me as organized as the Erin Condren Planner.  Personally though, now I use a digital planner with my tablet and it makes my life even easier because I can access it from my computer, phone, and tablet.  No matter where I am I can see what I have going on without having to carry around a bound planner 

 Now let's chat about other ways to organize your business.  While I have a physical copy of all my to-do’s, upcoming projects, set-in-stone appointments, etc. I have a planner that I print out, or add to my goodnotes app on my tablet, where I can write out my 90-day goals, projected goals, new ideas, and there are sheets for daily to-do’s where I can write in things as they come up and cross off what I've completed. Snag your Free —>  90 Day Success Planner 

Seriously, as a Mompreneur organization and success don't have to be hard. Find yourself YOUR perfect organization system and see how much more simple your life can be.  I literally have soooooo much more free time when I write things down and schedule them in advance. Scrambling to get business tasks done at the last minute only stresses your already overly busy mom life out, so prep ahead!  

KISS - Keep It Simple Silly!  Check out the Erin Condren planners (if you’re looking for a good paper planner), they aren't free but they are great.  If you're looking for a FREE place to start your journey on the organization train check out the FREE 90 Success Planner ← Here!

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