Promoting Others Will Scale Your Success

A topic so many entrepreneurs shy away from is helping build others up.  Too often I come across entrepreneurs who are worried that if they share someone's name with their audience then they will lose business.  The fact is, Promoting Others Will Scale Your Success.  

Here is why... 

Do you remember in Miracle on 34th street when Macy's Santa (real Santa) started promoting other stores that actually had the toys children were looking for?  Santa not only told parents where else to shop but he also told them who had better prices.  At first, Macy’s management got worried and angry because they thought they were going to lose business.  But the reality of the situation was that they were building immense trust in their shoppers.  They were putting their customers above their own bottom line and created a more loyal customer base.  

 When someone comes to you for help they may really want your help but might not be able to work with you in the moment for various reasons. When someone comes to me for 1:1 Coaching, we jump on a free call, and I find out that what they actually need is an accountant first. I may recommend one of my amazing clients instead of my help.  

If you’re looking for an amazing accountant you should absolutely check out Advanced Accounting with Melisa Gage.

The thing is, there may be people who come your way that aren’t ready for your offers yet.  What they may need help with is organization, finances, systems, a website, etc.  If that’s not what you specialize in it's ONE HUNDRED PERCENT to send them to someone who CAN help them.  

A recommendation to someone who can help them because that is their specialty.  

 What you are actually doing is sharing someone more perfectly suited for the person who came your way and earning their trust. When that person goes and has an amazing experience with the person you recommend they will be far more likely to be ready for what it is you offer. 

Promoting Others Will Scale Your Success and here are the 4 reasons why:

  1. You are building trust and respect with those who are coming to you for help
  2. You are supporting others' businesses and in turn, they most will likely do the same for you and your business
  3. When you genuinely care about someone else's needs over yours you create a returning customer 
  4. When that customer does return ready for your help they have a deeper sense of readiness because they were able to get the help they needed first out of the way. 

The moral of the story, share the wealth because Promoting Others Will Scale Your Success AND it’s just good business 😉

If you are looking for great recommendations you can find some of my favorite people in a number of my other blogs. BUT here is a quick rundown of some of my favorite people to recommend. 

  1. Jessica Halvorsen- Mom Elevated- VA service and Mom Life Management Help & Support  
  2. Melisa Gage- Advanced Accounting- Sales Tax/ Payroll Set up, yearly tax paperwork organization, Small business starter, and so much more. 
  3. Dara Simmons- Busy Mom Launchsquad- All things Website design.
  4. Ashley Haeveker- The Virtual Momma- All things operations business management. 
  5. Mandy Halgreen- A book writing mentor 
  6. Nicole Kringstad- That Protein Place
  7. Lisa Niles- JuliJoy Designs- Custom Cup cozies, blanket specialist, and all things crafty. 

Something to always remember, YOU are your ONLY competition. Only YOU can stand in your way, no one else can compete with you because no one else is YOU!  Your ideal clients work with you because you are YOU and not because you wear fancy pants!  Trust me when I say Promoting Others Will Scale Your Success!

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